How to upload your data

First, access to the following URL to get a FTP login account and one time password:

Supported file formats

  • Archived CEL files (You should zip CEL files as zip or tgz (tar.gz) format.)
    • ExonMiner supports .CEL files as TEXT format (version 4).
    • To convert BINARY .CEL files (version 3) in TEXT format (version 4), use CEL File Conversion Tool provided by Affymetrix Inc..
      • Please note that registration is required to download the conversion tool.
    • The following archive formats are available in ExonMiner:
      .tgz, .zip
    • If you want to zip files in Windows, refer to

FTP Instruction

How to use FTP

for Windows 2000, NT, XP and Vista:
Open a MS-DOS window (click "Start" → "Programs" → "Accessories") and type below commands.
for Mac, UNIX:
Run below commnads in a terminal window.
 > ftp
 ftp> user
 (user) ${USERNAME}
 (passwd) ${One Time Password}
 ftp> binary
 ftp> put
 (local-file) /your/array/data/files.tgz
 (remote-file) ${AS_YOU_WANT_TO_NAME}.tgz
 ftp> quit


The password is case insensitive. It includes <SPACE> characters. So you should type <SPACE> characters.

If you want to upload data again

You must get a new account and password for FTP by

Some Restrictions in FTP

Our FTP has some restrictions in commands for security.

Our FTP allows the following commands:

    pwd, mkdir, rmdir, cd, put,

and doesn't allow:

    ls, delete, rename, get.

Next step: confirm to start the analysis

After you upload your data, go to your personal page. The following link requires you to input your USERNAME and PASSWORD in the confirmation e-mail.

confirm to start the analysis